Rambling Thoughts...

So, I'm in Walmart, and I see a display for dishwasher soap that promises to get food off your dishes after it has been allowed to dry on them for 24 hours. My first reaction was, "Eeww!" But then I thought of how that relates to our lives.

How often does something happen, and you know that you are supposed to deal with it right away (like rinsing the dishes, if you aren't going to wash the immediately), but you are lazy (or angry) and don't do it? And then (24 hours?) later, you want to confront the issue even less (Ephesians 4:26, Hebrews 12:15).

Dried food on dishes requires some soaking (I hesitate to believe the claim that a certain soap will remove dried on food any better than another one...it's the hot water and force (and some presoaking) that does the trick; just like with washing the germs off your hands. Gotta actually scrub those puppies...but I digress). We also require some soaking in the Word, especially when we've allowed things to go on too long.

I am having something...a crisis of faith? Not sure if you'd call it a crisis, but I'm feeling compelled to really know what I believe and why (1 Peter 3:15), and to examine what I'm doing and my motives for doing what I do (such as why I homeschool). What exactly are my objectives in life? What are my expectations? And how do these line up with God's word? Do I understand what it means (and requires of me) to be a Christian? It seems that so many are forsaking the truth for a lie (Romans 1:25) these days. Just check out this post for an example: "A Laboratory for Christianity's Destruction."

My son has been having weird, apocalyptic-type dreams. Twice he dreamed that war was going on around us in Fairmont. He saw tanks, and shooting, and dead bodies littering the ground (and no, he has not (ever) watched any movies with war or killing in them). He also had a vision while he was at church. He was (actually) in the sanctuary, and he said he suddenly saw people throughout the room with pistols in their hands. He couldn't tell what they looked like because they looked shadowy (Acts 2:17).

Last night, I had a dream that various groups of people were chained up under tarps in the yards of other people. I was at the house of a lady who goes to my church, and she had a group of people in her yard, under a tarp. The tarp was over a small, low-slung tree, and all the people were up in the tree, so I couldn't see them well. She said that social services was coming to help her with them, because they were all violent. When I asked her why then didn't run away, she said they were all chained to a big desk. Bizarre.

How about you? Are you thinking about the meaning of your life? Do you wonder what God has you doing and why? Are you having any weird dreams?