Happy Birthday, Sara!

Sara Lael Campbell turned seven on September 17th, which was the same day as Trinity's annual Harvest Fest. Since she wanted to have a birthday party with her friends this year, we did two parties--one for friends the Saturday before her birthday and one with family the morning of the 17th.

Here's my beautiful Sara with her ice cream cake she had for the friend party. She's looking more like a young lady every day...

And here is Sara with her party guests, Emma, Faith and Hannah.

Sara's artistic big-girl friend (and sitter) Kate, graciously agreed to decorate the girls' nails at the party, which was a lot of fun! :)

After nails were done, presents were opened!

The week flew by, and before we knew it, we were partying again! Here's the princess cake that Sara chose for our family party...(actually, while they were writing her name on the ice cream cake, she said, "Aw, Mommy, we should have picked this cake!" She loves Disney princesses, and she was so disappointed that I told her we'd get it for our family party. :)

We capped off Sara's birthday with time at the Harvest Fest, where all the Campbell kids got some candy and Sara got to do the Treasure Island hunt on the volleyball court (which was all that she talked about doing).

It is hard to believe that seven years have flown by. My sweet baby girl continues to amaze me with her ability to read. She's in second grade this year, but she's reading on a fourth grade level (or maybe higher), and she's loving the grade three math that she's doing with her brother. Sara loves Barbie dolls, and she gets so emotional (like her mom used to) when she makes up adventures for them. Sara also loves American Girl dolls. She got one for Christmas last year (the first time she specifically asked for anything, ever), and she wants to get a friend for "little Sara," so she's saving up her birthday money and allowances. She's well on her way, with over fifty dollars saved already! I'm so proud of her.

Sara also loves Jesus with all her heart. I love to hear her in her room, belting out praise songs that she's learned in Kidz church, or making up her own. She sings with abandon, and I know that the Lord is thrilled with the way she pours out her heart to him.

Sara's favorite color is still yellow, but she also likes purple. We did an early birthday present for her in August, getting her a bedroom makeover. She chose purple and pink bedding and purple curtains, foregoing her "Dora the Explorer" decor for something more mature. She loves her big-girl room.

Daddy made Sara a jewelry box, which you can see on her chest of drawers, and he also made her a bed for her American Girl. Now Mommy needs to get busy and make some bedding (as Sara keeps saying).


  1. What great parties! Love the new big girl room.


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