My Lovely Life

Today is the end of my husband's 5-day stretch of vacation. We've had great family time, and I'll miss him when he goes back to work tomorrow.

He spent time listening to Sara reading from her third-grade reader...

...after making our garage look amazing! Now, maybe most women wouldn't care how the garage looks, and you could add me to that category, IF our garage wasn't the first thing you see when you drive up to our house. We had a beautiful garage door installed a few months ago, but it ends up being open much of the time (kids having their bikes outside, Glen mowing, etc), and this was a room with a view that I didn't like people to see -- until now!

Glen installed wire shelving above the built-in wood shelving that was already there (which he painted) and was able to elevate much of the floor clutter with that and the hangers he put up on the other wall.

He made a great door for our crawl space access, which used to be just a piece of foam board stuck against the hole in the wall. And, the pièce de résistance -- the fancy paint job he did on the floor. Now I won't feel embarrassed if someone sees into our garage!

This is the pitcher full of flowers that I bought at "Country Prim & Folksy," in Mannington, when we went to have an early dinner at "Once Upon a Tea Room," their tea-themed restaurant. We were sad to learn that last night, when we were there, was the last night for this wonderfully quaint place, but we were thrilled that we made it there before it was too late. The food was fabulous, so I'm very sorry they closed down. The rest of my family ordered sandwiches, which were all yummy. I chose to embrace the theme, so I ordered "afternoon tea." This included a pot of tea, your choice of flavor (we chose Mango Ceylon, and it was a great choice!), and a delightful array of tea sandwiches and typical tea sweets, such as scones and shortbread. It was delicious, and I almost drowned trying to drink the whole pot of tea. :)

Reading your dog-themed book with your dog, a fringe benefit of homeschooling.

Playing Quizmo during school...nothing like turning math into a game!

Doing Saxon math with Sara and Iain. Note the spray bottle of bitter cherry spray that is kept close for the table-leg chewer that likes to lie under my chair.


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