I think I mentioned before that we're starting a new tradition this year of using an Advent wreath. Here's our wreath for this year...

but I need to get taller candles to make this more safe. Iain is especially concerned that we're going to burn down the house when these short ones are lighted.

Daisy puppy was only around 4 weeks old when this was taken...

but at almost 6 months, she looks more like a dog than a puppy now. I think she looks like the dog on the PBS show, "Martha Speaks," so I've been calling her Martha.

And she has made herself part of the family...

As a fun school thing that doesn't seem school-ish, I bought some Poetry Magnets. If you haven't heard of Poetry Magnets, here's what they look like:

They come in various tiny packs (think a little larger than the mini Altoid mint containers) of around 70 pieces, up to the basic starter kit of over 400 (which is on its way to us). I bought the "Love" one, and my kids had a blast with it, so I ordered the bigger one. (It is rated for age 16+, so I may need to weed out some words that I don't want to define for them.) At any rate, the kids spent over a half hour organizing "poems" on the fridge.

And here are Iain and Kyla reading chapter books on the couch. Of course, Iain has to pose for the camera. Must be the boy in him. Or the comedian.

Speaking of funny things, we are looking forward to our homeschool co-op's annual Christmas party and talent show tomorrow night. If you live in the Fairmont, WV area, and you'd like to come see some homeschoolers in action, the party starts at 6:30 at Trinity Assembly of God, in Whitehall, WV.


  1. Selena, we made an advent wreath for years and did nightly advent readings! Great memories, do it while the kids are young before they get jobs or go off to college! Also, I bought the poetry magnets years ago, great fun, still have them!


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