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I often lament the fact that I don't get as much done during the day as I would like to get done. Fatigue is a big factor, one that I can control somewhat, if I will get in bed by 9:30.

The other reason I don't get more done is because I feel overwhelmed when things are cluttered. My homeschool library gets this way frequently, moreso when I vacuum because I put all my storage crates up on the counter to get at the carpet, which makes the room feel claustrophobic (and gives me a great urge to pack everything in the back of my van and take it to Goodwill).

Anyway, way back when my babies were really babies, I felt like I would never have a clean home again. I was truly exhausted then, and I just didn't get how to manage everything at once. I found an organizing website that helped me get back on my feet, and I gradually got out from under the oppressive feel of hopeless disorganization.

The one thing that did the greatest good for me was learning that I can do anything for 15 minutes. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person, so organizing a closet or my library is an exercise in frustration where I tear everything out, get tired (or overwhelmed) and shove everything back in --usually leaving it in a worse state than it was when I began.

So, my challenge to myself --and to you! -- is to tackle anything you've been wanting to do, or avoiding, by doing it 15 minutes at a time. This isn't just for organization. Rick Warren said that you can read the Bible through in a year if you read it 15 minutes a day--amazing! I know I can tackle anything if I know I only have to do it for 15 minutes at a time.

Most big tasks aren't as ominous if you break them down, so I'm excited about doing this. If you try this, please post a comment and let me know how you did!


  1. I recently made a list of tasks that I could accomplish in 15 min increments. Of course, I have not put that into action yet! Thanks for the encouragement to get on top of it and out from under the feeling of being overwhelmed.

  2. You're right. It's actually amazing what you can accomplish in just 15 minutes.

  3. i struggle with what i call the 'give a mouse a cookie' syndrome...i might start a 15 minute project..be about 3 minutes into it when i need to discipline someone for something or answer the phone or tie a shoe..that takes me to a different part of the house and points out something i need to do there..which i start doing..and then maybe take that thing to this place and then end up in another situation...and then I've spent 15 minutes doing 17 different things and not a dang thing looks different! ha...but i attribute that to multi-tasking motherhood! it is amazing though how much you can accomplish just little bits at a time. i have enjoyed seeing that thru homeschooling the kids--the amazing amount of growing/learning/developing they can take in/do/accomplish in a teeny bit of time.

  4. I'm an all or nothing personality as well. Frustrating isn't it? lol. Going to try and implement this. There are many things that need to get done that don't because I feel too overwhelmed at the task.

  5. Wow, this is a great tip for me at a great time. I have to purge my whole house to get it ready to sale it in late fall and I know I need to get started but am not sure where...I thought I'd take a room over a weekend but you're right, that will never happen so maybe I need to do this 15 minute deal with my task this year and each night will be making progress on a room.

    Thank you!


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