e-mealz to the rescue!

I <3 Emealz

I don't know about everyone else, but I am terrible at menu planning. I'm not sure why, since I understand the concept and I have plenty of recipes for meals that I regularly fix. Maybe it's the process. I should just do a week at a time (make up menus, create a shopping list, and type it all up), but my perfectionism gets in the way and I try to tackle a six-week rotating menu, all at once. Of course, that doesn't work well and I stack everything in a big pile and stuff it in the cabinet for next time.

Well, I've found an answer to my problem! E-mealz.com is a WONDERFUL site. They have menus tailored to specific stores (or not, if you so choose), and Walmart is one of them. I have subscribed to the Walmart lo-fat family plan, which gives me seven weekly recipes with a grocery list that is Walmart specific--which means I should be able to find everything on my list. I don't know about you, but I've been highly frustrated when I have managed to go to the store with another plan and some key ingredient isn't in stock. With e-mealz, I have not had this problem.

It only costs $1.25 per week, and the best part is the whole week's menu is always under $100! I've been doing this for a couple of months, and I've been within $15 of their projected total. I am ecstatic! And, my family loves the meals--twice baked potatoes, rotisserie-chicken tacos, bbq chicken...it's all "regular" food, and it tastes great, too!

If you think you'd like to try it, just click the banner above and it will take you to their site. You can view sample menus, and you can sign up for just 3 months, to try it out. Better yet, print a sample menu and fix one of the meals and see how you like it (that's what I did).

I have no idea who signs up and who doesn't, whether you visit or not, so no pressure. I just want to pass along something that I think is fabulous!

I don't particularly enjoy blogs that are laden with ads, but I put the e-mealz banner at the top of my blog so I can get credit, should you decide to click on it. :)


  1. I love e-mealz! I have been doing a shop from your pantry challenge this month and have only been using what we have, which means I haven't been using the menus. We all, especially my husband, miss them. I can't wait for January to be over with so I can get back to it.


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