Epiphany (Three Kings Day)

Have you ever seen "Epiphany" on your January calendar? In case you didn't know, it is a celebration of journey of the Magi--three wise men (or Kings)--who followed the star, seeking the King of the Jews.

(Although Epiphany is actually January 6th, we celebrated today because Glen was off work.)

We started our celebration with dinner. For dessert, instead of the traditional "King Cake," I made a King Trifle. It was yummy, if I say so myself. :-)

After we finished eating, Glen read to us the story from the Bible (Matthew 2) about the magi visiting Jesus.

Our "three kings" made paper lanterns (complete with battery-operated votives) to carry about while searching for King Jesus. Iain carried the gold (coins), Sara the "myrrh" (whole nutmeg), and Kyla the "frankincense" (perfume).

The magi encounter King Harold (Herod) on their journey, and are questioned about this person they are seeking.

After they wander for a while longer, they are warned in a dream not to report back to King Herod anything they discover.

They eventually find baby Jesus in Mary's arms (but there's no picture because Mom was Mary and the photographer).

This event was capped with a gift presented to each of our children.

Regardless of how silly they thought the whole process was, I am convinced that they will remember this passage of scripture well, now that they've acted it out.

I wonder how all the families that lost toddler or baby boys to King Herod's wrath felt about this newborn King? I need to remember their sacrifice, when I start to complain about something hard in my life.