My Knight in Shining Armor

There he is, folks, my hero.

For some bizarre reason, I thought I'd be able to just run to Walmart and get groceries and then get back before the roads got bad tonight. Silly girl, I am. I failed to realize that everyone else in the tri-county area was thinking the same thing.

You know that still, small voice? Mine was saying, "Just run up to Food Lion and come back. Their produce is better anyway, and you'll be sure to get back soon." Did I listen? No. Do I wish that I had? YES! Am I so very, very, very, very thankful for my wonderful, fearless husband? You have no idea.

After skating to my van, I left Walmart ice rink, I mean, parking lot and decided to go down the back exit, since I was afraid I'd get hung up at the main entrance. That was a good decision, based on how icy the roads were. I went out Rt 73, and thankfully the light was green. Although I didn't make it through, I was the first one in line at the red light, and on level ground.

I got through the Hardee's intersection and made it all the way through the next few lights and down Rt 250 past Muriale's restaurant before things got really bad. I was praying fervently going up the next hill, and my traction control light kept buzzing on the dash--which made me want to throw up I was so nervous. I got to the top of the hill and a big tanker semi was coming down the hill, so I prayed that he would be safe.

When I got down the hill above Pizza Hut, I was really worried about getting stuck on the hill before the light by Mon Power. Thank God, He was gracious enough to let me be only a couple cars back...that alone was bad enough. I managed to get enough traction by cutting a sharp left into the oncoming traffic lane (I had a green arrow, thankfully) to get through the intersection and out Locust Ave.

I was feeling waves of relief at making it that far without incident, and I felt home free--until I remembered the hill above Wings Restaurant. I noticed several red tail lights, and I flat out panicked. Afraid that a bunch of cars were stuck on the hill, I pulled into Wings' parking lot and called Glen.

"I'm stuck at Wings! I can't go any further! I don't know what to do!" I wasn't crying, but I could taste the terror-flavored adrenaline that my body was pumping out.

Glen said he'd come get me, and I could drive his Element (um, why didn't I take his 4-wheel drive vehicle on my excursion?) and he'd drive the van home .

"No, I'm scared. I'm scared for you, too. I don't know what to do!"

"Just sit still, I'll be right there."

He came and got me, I drove his Element up the hill without a single problem, and he fish-tailed my van all the way home to the driveway.

My husband is a rock-star super hero, in case you didn't know.

I love him so much, and not just because he rescued me. That's just highlighting everything tonight. :)


  1. Hooray for Glen! Glad you made it home ok.

  2. yay!!! so glad you are safe. It is scary out there!!


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