Chevy Vega vs. Chevy Chevette

If you've read my Eleven Questions Answered post, you learned that my first car was a Chevy Vega. Actually, it was my mom's car, and my dad let me have it when I moved out.

I told my husband that, during my freshman year at WVU (1984), a poster was in the Book Exchange in Morgantown that read: "You know you're a nerd when...," and "You drive a Chevy Vega" was in the top 10. Glen grew tired of my whining about my first car, because he said that the car he drove, a Chevy Chevette, was worse than mine. He looked them both up online to prove to me that his was worse.

Here's an ad for the Chevy Vega:

And here's one for the Chevy Chevette:

Now, I'll admit that I did have one on him with regard to the "coolness" factor, if you are going to judge by these ads. But, my poor Vega did not look nearly as good as the ones in the above advertisement. For starters, it was neither blue nor green. It was the color of bad foundation makeup--something that isn't cream, but it isn't yellow, either. And it wasn't just that color. It had been wrecked a few times (by yours truly) and it had a primer-gray front left quarter panel and front bumper. It was not pretty.

Glen says he still has me beat, though, because his was in bad outer shape AND the engine was bad. Once, he said, he was driving up Bridgeport hill and created such a cloud of exhaust behind him that the whole city was in a deep smog-fog for a while.

I've come a long way from that ole' Vega. Now I'm a domestic goddess driving a mini-van. :)


  1. i'd agree with glen..vega is cooler than vette...both though make you old! ha.
    but who am i to say..i dove a 1983 white ford stationwagon with rust spots all over it...but i LOVED it.
    and it was 13 years old at the time i received it!

  2. I'd have to vote for Glen on this one too. We used to call it a Chevy Shove it, my friend had one that broke down all the time. Who am I to judge. My first car was an old giant gold Mercury Monarch with plastic sparkly gold seats (loving named Laverne the duck).


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