Cleaning Out the Van

I did not take a picture because it looked so bad newish van that I said I would never let get dirty, which included no eating inside of it. But, life happens; and with little kids, eating on-the-go tends to be a necessity, even if you bring the food from home.

Having said that, I just cleaned out my van and removed:

4 jackets
3 sets of gloves
5 pens & pencils
1 compass
1 ball cap
1 basketball
1 baby doll
1 compact mirror
1 hair clip
1 water bottle
1 pair of socks
2 rocks (??)
. . . then I filled up a 13 gallon garbage bag half way with trash (2/3 from McD's--yikes!), and I think I shook a pound of dirt and sand out of the floor rugs.

So, did I mention that I did NOT take a picture?



  1. Ha! This is great! I cleaned my car yesterday so I can relate!


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