Happy Birthday to Iain!

Well, it's hard to believe that it has been nine years since we went to Mon General to have our 9 pounds 1 oz baby boy. Affectionately named Bud-da Wud-da, Kyla would frequently say to him, "Aw, Bud-da..."

Here's the family, minus Mom the Photographer, getting ready to eat pizza for Iain's birthday lunch...
And the lovely ice cream cake that Iain selected. I thought it was part cake, so I let it sit out while we ate; but it was only ice cream, so it was rather soft by the time we cut it--but no less delicious!

Mr. Cool Dude himself, posing with his cake. I asked him to move his hand, but he said, "No, Mom, it's a peace sign."

Nine candles upon the cake does not a fire hazard make...although Iain asked if the smoke alarm would go off.

Would anyone guess that Iain likes Legos?

Kyla is more interested in her book than in Iain's toys. That's why having a younger sibling is nice...even if she is a girl. :)

Iain loves to build and design things, so Legos are his main focus right now. He also loves to draw, and he's doing a great job learning techniques from some books we borrowed from the library.

This is Iain's first year playing B-ball, and he's really pumped. He is on a great team, with a great coach, and they have been practicing like crazy. We're all excited (well, okay, maybe the girls aren't so much) to see him in action this year.

Even though he's all boy when it comes to playing, and wrestling with his dad, he still has such a tender heart. He's quick to feel remorse for wrong words or actions, and he's always conscious of hurting someone's feelings.

I love my son so much, and I'm so grateful that God trusted us to raise him. Having only one boy, I can't imagine losing him--let alone giving him up willingly for someone else. What a great and wonderful God we have, who gave up His only Son for our sinful situation so we could be saved. I'm so thankful for His grace and mercy!


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