Pictures of Local Flooding

My sister sent these pictures to me that were on Facebook:

The Shell station near Dairy Creme Corner, behind Wendy's Restaurant, off I-79 Exit 137

The Exxon at the beginning of Rt 310, off I-79 Exit 137 (beside Hickman Animal Hospital)

Rt 310 (East Grafton Road)

More of East Grafton Rd/Rt 31o

This seems surreal . . . it doesn't seem possible that flooding like this could occur around Fairmont. I wonder what terror-filled thoughts went through the minds of people in Noah's day, when The Flood occurred. I'm sure they remembered all the times they were warned by Noah that it was coming. And, the Bible says that our time is like Noah's time, and that Jesus will return--in the face of biblical warnings by many prophets and teachers--and those who are left behind will be full of terror. I pray that all of us recognize that time is short and we are not guaranteed our next breath. Only God knows the number of our days, and we need to stay close to Him so we are ready when He calls us home.