Update on Tracker

I recently wrote here about a tracker software called Do Not Track Plus (or DNT+), which is available here as a free download. This software is installed quickly and puts a discreet little green button in the top right corner of your browser. The button shows a number indicating how many things are being blocked at the site you are currently visiting. If the button turns yellow (as it does when googling something), that means the tracking attempts being blocked are through the roof.

As an update, I thought I'd let you know that, since I installed this software on December 30, 2011, the cumulative total of things blocked for our computer is.......(drum roll please)..............


(You do the math.)

I quote Kyla: "That's creepy."

Yep, I agree.

(Disclosure: This software is a free download, and I am not being compensated in any way for this review. I'm simply writing this to impart joy to my fellow human beings who are tired of slow performance due to tons of loading ads.)