A Little Princess Funny

This is a book about a young girl named Sara Crewe, and how she lived a life like a princess because her mother died at birth and her father catered to her. When her father dies and leaves her penniless, her life changes drastically.

My sweet Sara plowed through this 324 page, small-font book in two days (yes, bragging here), and she said it was a good story. (Disclaimer: she loves books and reads voraciously, but part of her motivation was that I told her she couldn't watch the movie from Netflix until she first read the book.)

Anyhow, a discussion about princesses began while we were having lunch of leftover chicken and broccoli. Something was said about Sara not being a real princess, and I attempted to intervene and say that we are all princes and princesses because we belong to the King of Kings.

I said attempted because Kyla interjected, "You're too old to be a princess."


When I looked at her, she said, "Want some broccoli?"