Does Your Compassion Sponsorship Really Matter?

After doing my first Compassion Sunday presentation at my church yesterday, I feel like a changed person. I know this may sound silly to some, but I felt like an anointing fell on me when I stepped up on that stage to speak. God has been doing some things in my heart for a while now, calling me to simplify my life and to consider what really matters. Taking the step to be an advocate for Compassion is another thing God has been calling me to, but I've procrastinated.

No more.

God has called us to reach out to others with the hope of the gospel--the Good News of Jesus--and through Compassion, I can touch children that I would never have touched otherwise. Words cannot describe how that makes me feel. To say I am honored--and humbled--just grazes the surface.

Have you thought about sponsoring a child? I have child packets available so you can begin to release a child from the bonds of poverty today. If you'd like to take the step--to make the commitment--to change a child's life through the power of hope in Jesus' name, please let me know.

And if you wonder if being a sponsor really matters, please watch this video.