Happy Mother's Day to Me

After coming off of a few weeks of constant running-- the 4-6 hours of daily play practice that Kyla had and the 2-hour daily b-ball evening practices or games that Iain had-- and the Daisy dog emergency, plus all of us coughing our heads off (still happening, and my voice is going now), I was ready for some relaxation today.

I went to church with Sara (armed with cough drops and a half dozen water bottles to combat the coughing fits). I set up my Compassion table again, otherwise I would have stayed home and coughed there (but I got three more sponsorships, praise God, so it was worth it!).

Anyway, Sara and I were both hungry when we left church, so I was thrilled to come home to a surprise lunch made by my handsome and handy husband. I had grilled, dilled salmon, steamed veggies and croissant rolls. I also got a butterfly bush for the backyard. :)

Sara gave me some coupons for some free snuggles and hair brushings, and my sister, Lori, dropped off a funny card and a nice journal.

A very good start to a new week.


  1. Sounds like a gret Mother's Day. And three more sponsers....way to go!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you got more sponsors and that your efforts to go while you were feeling sick were blessed with lives changed!


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