Gracefully Going Gray

I hate to color my hair.

It makes it so dry and frizzy, and since it is curly it tends to be frizzy anyway. And the humidity doesn't help. So, I decided that I would gracefully go gray without saying anything to my husband  (who isn't ready for me to be a gray-headed old woman yet--ha).

Then one morning while I fixed my hair, a half dozen sparkly silver strands were blinking like Christmas lights up front and center.

I made a mental note of it. Next time I was at Walmart, I put a box of coloring in my shopping cart.

When I left the cart to go look for something, Sara saw the box of coloring. She picked it up, looked at me and gasped.

"Mommy! You are so beautiful! You don't need to buy this, God made you just the way you are and you look wonderful."

(I don't deserve to be her mommy.)

"You are right," I said, and I put the box back on the shelf.

What else could I say?


  1. out of the mouth of babes!! i love how God uses our children to remind us things!

  2. thats funny--i was just having this conversation with two people in the past week who color their hair because they think they are just too young for going gray. i personally love grayish white hair..and think its more about the style and cut than the color.
    love the message you are sending to your girls though!


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