Happy Birthday to Kyla

Kyla turned twelve (yes, 12) on June 21st. That is also my dad's birthday, and he always said she was the best birthday present he'd ever received. :)

Kyla didn't want anything on her Oreo cake, because we were at Walmart and she wanted to leave as quickly as possible, and "Getting them to write Happy Birthday Kyla will take longer."

It was a good cake. Tasted like an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Here she is delaying the blowing out of her candles because I told her my camera's battery life was low.

She was happy about her present, which was an assortment of Littlest Pet Shop dogs that she found on eBay.

Iain is helping Kyla along, since she isn't getting the pets out of the bag fast enough for him. (Kyla wants me to write something to embarrass Iain, but I'm not going to do it.)

Kyla is almost as tall as her mom. I'm 5'9'' and she is 5'4''. Both of my sisters are taller than me, Glen is 6'2'' and has some uncles that are around 6'5'', so I'm guessing Kyla will pass me up in height some time over the next few years. Maybe the next few months, with the way she's putting away food these days.

Kyla's favorite color has changed from pink, to green, and now to aquamarine. She loves to read, and she has read around 90 books over the last school year. Her favorite stories are about dogs, and she hates when a book has a dog on the cover but the story ends up being about people.

In a couple weeks Kyla will be leaving me for kids camp. This will be the first time she's ever stayed the night somewhere else, let alone a whole week. And she'll be going out of WV. Although I feel comfortable about the supervision, I have to admit that I've been waffling in my reserve to send her. It will be weird with her gone, especially since Glen is on vacation for three of the five days she'll be at camp.

This has been a tough year for me with Kyla. She worked independently on her schoolwork for most of the time, and I felt like I was neglecting her. I feel encouraged by the person doing our portfolio evaluations that this is a good thing for Kyla, that the goal is to make her into an independent learner so she'll do well in school and life. But it feels like time is moving way too quickly now. I want a pause button.