Happy Father's Day

My father has been gone for three years now, and I wish he was here so I could tell him how much I'm learning about realizing what you have --and being thankful for it.

Today, my sweet husband is working. He usually works on Father's Day, because that's the way his schedule falls. He works other holidays, too. The thing I'm thankful for is--he works. I know some men who don't work because they can't find a job, and some men who don't work because they are lazy and just don't care. So I am beyond thankful that my husband is a hard-working man, who does what he needs to do to take care of his family.

My man has weathered almost fourteen years of marriage with me. During that time, we've shared many experiences--a miscarriage, three new babies and my resulting postpartum depression, emotional baggage, a horrid building experience,  death's of family members, friends coming and going, and the summer and winter of our relationship.Words cannot describe how glorious is the springtime that we are experiencing together right now!

I have a deep love for my husband that gives me the butterflies that you get when you are infatuated, but I also have so much more--an intimate relationship with him that has been tried by fire and now is more precious than gold. So many people go through incredibly hard times in their marriages and they give up before things can get better. Please do not mistake what I say as judgment on anyone--but I personally know an amazing depth in my marriage that simply could never be there, had we not gone through hell together and stood firm in the midst of the pain.

My love for my husband goes far beyond the fact that I think he's a sexy hunk of a man. I care about his soul, and how he sees life. And I care about my role as his helper in shaping how he sees life. I am humbled by the part that I play, and I realize the weight that my being by his side carries.

I am thankful that God has taken this selfish, self-centered, self-pitying woman and given her such an amazing man to take care of her.

My man is not only a great husband, he's a great dad, too. He goes the extra mile to spend time with his kids, even if he's so tired he falls asleep in their rooms while he's "playing" with them. I know that he is making a difference in their lives, and I'm thankful that they have a dad who is present and engaged.

So, to my man, my husband, the father of my children--Happy Father's Day! You are loved more than you know! :)