The EpiPen Junior

If you've seen "Meet the Robinsons," then you know the scene where the potential adoptive father had to be injected with an EpiPen by the potential adoptive mother after a mishap involving peanut butter.

I've watched that movie with my kids several times. Somehow, the size of the EpiPen escaped me.

After the swelling in Iain's foot crept up into his leg (making his ankle invisible in the process), we went to the doctor. Iain got a steroid shot in his right hip, which he took bravely. (In fact, he couldn't wait to brag to his sisters that he got a shot in the butt, although he wanted to put an icepack on his hip after walking on it a few minutes).

We left Walmart with some oral Prednisone, a just-in-case antibiotic, and those bad boys pictured above.

The doctor said that his next reaction could be even worse, especially if he gets stung around the neck or face.

Yes, Iain is now thoroughly convinced now of the wisdom of wearing socks and shoes outside.