More Pictures...

Still playing picture catch-up...

Here are Iain and Glen on a yard-work day. 

Another great item from my mom. This basket belonged to my paternal grandmother (or maybe her mother?)

Creepy little (relatively was almost a foot long!) dead snake that Daisy dog found and had to roll all over (what is with dogs, anyway?). It may have been small, but it smelled like a dead buffalo. Anyone know what kind of snake it is?
Of course, being homeschoolers, my kids took it down to the bottom of the driveway, along with scissors, and opened it up. It died of intestinal trauma from being run over by a lawnmower wheel.

Father and son getting ready for night catfishing. That's one of the first things Glen said when Iain was born. "This is my son and I'm going to take him fishing some day."  :)

Daisy's ferocious killer instinct kicked in, but then she looked sad that the poor bug wouldn't couldn't play anymore.

Here are my new pillows to spruce up things a bit. I just love them. :) To keep them clean and fresh, Daisy got her own fluffy bed to lie upon, instead of the couch. I must say, she's a great dog. She transitioned to her bed very easily.

Doing some history in the dining room, while Daisy looks on. She's waiting for math and the M&M's to be brought out. :)

Iain wanted to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so we got the DVDs from Netflix. Then, Iain and Sara broke out the Sculpey clay and worked on making some figures from the movie. Here is Sara's tower with Sauron's "eye" at the top.

And, lastly, here are a few pictures of why our garden is mostly gone now...

Yes, that is the loveseat in our family room that you see at the bottom of the pictures. Maybe they'd like to just come inside and check out what is in the fridge while they are at it?