Picture Catch-up

Some stinging things, either yellow jackets or yellow hornets, were busy on our back hill. This nest was almost a foot high, and it's hard to tell how intricate the part underground was. We hated to kill them, but that many stinging things nearby was scary, especially with Iain's recent problems.

Here's a beautiful flower that our friends, Cliff & Brenda, brought to us when they had dinner with us recently. I'm glad I took a picture of it so I know what it looked like pre-deer.

Here's my cute find at Fairmont's Goodwill store. I wanted to put a chair or bench out front for flowers, and this worked perfectly.

My mom is decluttering, and I scored this old plow that belonged to my dad's family.

Speaking of deer, here's our garden struggling to grow in the miserable heat and dryness.

Here's what we're growing:


Potatoes (red and russet)

Sweet potatoes

Lots and lots of onions!

 Honeydew vines

Red cabbage

Beans (green, wax and kidney)



Below is a wild plant that is similar to spinach. Brenda told me the name and I promptly forgot it.

We also have a separate garden full of tomatoes and peppers (green bell, banana, and poblano). Unfortunately, the nursing deer and the rest of the local herd didn't mind the raunchy smell of our Liquid Fence this year. They've managed to eat our tomatoes and peppers (many of which they just took bites out of and left on the ground...grrr), as well as most of our other things in the bigger garden. This is very annoying. We will be putting up actual fencing next year. 

On a happier note...here's my new bike and cool basket. I have wanted one like this for a while now. Glen got the guy's matching version, and the four of us went biking at the Prickett's Fort rail-trail while Kyla was at camp.

We also watched the Lord of the Rings movies recently, and Iain is now very into bows. I keep telling Glen he needs to shoot the deer (which Iain is all for) but so far, no venison.

(Action shot)

While Kyla was away, Iain and Sara created a "tent apartment" in Sara's bedroom, complete with separate bedrooms. They both spent the night in there, each in their own new sleeping bags, which they had to have, of course, since Kyla got one for camp.

I can't believe that summer is half over all ready! I'm feeling overwhelmed at all that I need to get done before September! I need a pause button!

What about you? Have you been busy this summer? Do you feel like it is going faster than usual?


  1. you look like you are having fun this summer--good job on the veggies..and LOVE your bike..CAN I HAVE THAT WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH IT:) HAHA..

  2. We too have problems with deer in our garden. A couple of years back we put a solar powered electric fence around our garden. We turn it off when the kids are out playing. They are not that expensive (around $100) and it has more than paid for itself with the increase of veggies that we have now that the deer can't destroy them.


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