Test Flight

My sweet Kyla, who turned twelve on June 21st, had never been away from me overnight since the night Iain was born (when my mom stayed at our home with Kyla, and Glen found her hiding under our desk upstairs the next day).  I figured it was a good idea for her to venture out on her own before college.

So, against her wishes, we packed her up and sent her to kids camp, which was Monday-Friday in Virginia! (yikes!)

It was harder on me to let her go than it was on her to leave, although she was feeling "very overwhelmed" on Monday morning when she left.

The chartered bus has a bathroom, which Kyla said was "awesome" and felt like a Tilt-a-Whirl ride while you were in it. (ugh.)

And, here she is, back from camp yesterday (thank God!--boy, did I miss her!), looking rather sun-kissed: ("Oh, you packed sunscreen?"):


  1. her first overnight was a weeklong camp in virginia?? you are a brave woman! Troy has had sleepovers, but Danielle hasn't and Liam neither. I can't imagine having either of their first sleepovers so far away. Looks like she did well tho! Glad she had fun!

  2. Wow! We hate it when Emme goes over night . . . might be trying overnight camp this summer! We'll see!! Eek!


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