Urgent Prayer Needed in RE: U.N. Treaty

Please read Luke 18:1-8, if you have ever wondered whether your prayers make a difference.

This is a copy of an email sent to me by a family that works to lobby in Washington on behalf of homeschooling families in West Virginia. Please read carefully and pray for the points listed:

Dear friends,

Yesterday our family went to Washington as part of CAP day for HSLDA.  We were lobbying several house offices because a house judicial subcommittee will be meeting next Wednesday about the Parental Rights Amendment.  This is a first step in getting it to full committee.  (If you are not updated, visit www.parentalrights.org)

We were also lobbying Senate offices because of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  That United Nations treaty has been signed by Obama, is coming to the full Foreign Relations Committee this Thursday, and is expected to come to the Senate floor for ratification vote soon.  That treaty would give the government, rather than parents, say over educational decisions for children with disabilities - among other things like outlawing spanking.  All that is needed is 2/3 approval by the Senators present at the time of the vote.  As with the PRA, our constitution's sovereignty clause would make the treaty the law of the land above all but the Constitution. 

Would you
1.  Pray about the Senate committee hearing tomorrow!  Pray for Mike Farris, who will be providing legal opinion, to have wisdom and favor!  Pray that the committee will not vote to bring the treaty to the floor for a vote.  Pray that if it does go to Senate vote it will heartily be voted down.  Pray that Rockefeller's staff will actually consider the things we presented to them.  Pray that Manchin would also learn of the dangers and vote against it (we only visited with his staff regarding the PRA). 

2.  Pray for next Wednesday's house subcommittee hearing for the PRA.  Pray that no one will be found to represent opposition to the Parental Rights Amendment.  Pray that the bill will not get amended negatively.  And pray that it will be sent to the full committee for review.

3.  Please contact McKinley's office if you are in his district (202-225-4172) and let them know you are a constituent.  Ask them to read all the information about the Parental Rights Amendment left with True (staffer's name) on Tuesday, July 10, by the Kincell family.  Ask McKinley to sign on as a co-sponsor of the PRA.  Ask them to let you know what he decides.  (If you were at the PRA rally during his campaign, express disappointment that he has not yet signed on when he promised to do so during the campaign.  However, do this nicely while thanking him for his verbal support of the amendment and his continued promise to vote for it if it comes to the house floor.) 

Or if you are in Rahall's district, contact his office (202-225-3452).  We visited with Lori D'Orazio in his office and left information.  She was less friendly, but did listen and was given the informational packet prepared by HSLDA.  Please feel free to pass this request along to others in his district so that he received follow-up calls from his own constituents.  A huge thank you for Marlo for allowing us to go on their behalf!  We're eager to know if they called you...

We were unable to get a meeting in Capito's office.

4.  Contact Manchin's office (202-224-3954) and thank them for meeting with the Kincell family yesterday.  Ask them to read the information about the Parental Rights Amendment left with Kimberly Waller. Then ask them to get back with you and let you know if Manchin will pledge support for the PRA and become a co-sponsor.  Please tell them that this is a non-partisan issue, all Americans love their children, and you would like to see Manchin lead the Democrats in taking action on this issue.  Also ask him to vote against the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities if it comes to the Senate floor.

5.  You might also call Rockefeller's office and ask him to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities if it comes to the Senate floor.  However, if you have limited time, do the other things on the list first. 

6.  Lastly, all the Senators and many of the house offices were visited yesterday by volunteers like us.  Pray that the Lord would see fit to bless those efforts.  Pray also that He would continue to favor His people with His protection and have mercy on the remnant.  And pray for the staff members who field phone calls and visits and who then advise the legislators.  Most of them are in their 20's and hold remarkable sway ...

7.  Lastly, pray for the church to be in the battle for Truth and to contend for the liberty to obey God's commands.

IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT, your phone calls to Manchin or Rockefeller might count more!  In order to pass the PRA, democrats who will stand up for parental rights are needed.  If you know of a liberal democrat who will learn about this needed amendment, please encourage them to get involved!  Information is on www.parentalrights.org.  We'd also be glad to give you information or field questions. 

Feel free to forward this message to anyone who might be interested, but please only do that with discretion since it has our personal information.  And please blind copy the addressees.  For broader contacts, forward the recent emails from Parentalrights.org.  If you don't have those emails, we'd be glad to forward them to you.

Thanks, all. 
The Kincells

Psalm 127:1

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.