Why Clover Doesn't Make a Good Lawn

I know why there is a shortage of honey bees. They are all in our yard, er, clover field.

This is the second time Iain has been stung by a honey bee in past few months. This time seems a little worse. And it doesn't seem fair, either, since the first sting happened because he was shoeless, but this one happened while he was wearing shoes.

Good time to talk with him about how bad things can happen to us, even when we are faithfully serving the Lord. It doesn't have anything to do with "fairness" as much as it has to do with God working on our character.

Why do most (all?) of those lessons have to be so painful?

I wish we weren't such a stubborn lot.  :\


  1. ouch! a few summers ago we had friends over 3 weeks in a row and 3 weeks in a row we had 5 bee stings! clover got us too. what God taught us: treat the clover..we got WV Green to come and fix the lawn..since then..no bee stings!


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