End-of-Week Review

I got a little zealous with a peeler and cut my left middle finger almost a fourth inch down into the bed of my nail. It didn't hurt that much and thankfully isn't that sore, but it sure bled like I'd lopped off the first knuckle.

In addition to that, I've been really busy doing school full-time again, while trying to read some money books so I can get a plan for the classes I'm teaching at our co-op this year, while trying to keep everyone in clean underwear and not feed us fast food, at all.

Today, I worked my first Compassion event as an "official" Child Advocate--a table at the Jesus Fest in Clarksburg. It was a great day, and we talked with several people.

Tomorrow I'm taking Sara to a birthday party after church.

A busy week. So thankful for grace and mercy and rest.

 Making some Sumerian cuneiform tablets.

 Um, this was a clay example of the need for skeleton, gone awry...(looks more like practicing acupuncture).


 The Deer Fence in progress

The messy dining school room

A little comic relief . . .

"Hey, how do I get outta here?"

 "Can I have a snack?"

I'm putting in my vote for today's weather. It can stay this way until October, as far as I'm concerned. What a wonderful day it was!

Hope you've had a great week!