Happy Birthday Sara!

Sara turned eight years old yesterday! I know I'm a broken record when it comes to the passing of time . . . but it is so hard to believe that it was EIGHT years ago that I had my baby girl!

Sara enjoyed her swim party at FSU's Falcon Center pool on Saturday (hopefully I'll get pictures to post later). We had a family party for her last night, and that's when she got her gift--the Barbie camper! I'm feeling nostalgic, as I got a Barbie camper for Christmas, when I was around her age. Of course, mine wasn't nearly as cool as hers is with a flushing toilet, table settings (mine were printed on the cardboard table), an iPod deck and iPod (that plays music!) and cooking gear, complete with a sizzle sound for the frying pan! In fact, it is SO cool that Iain was willing to be Ken so he could play along. :)

At eight years old, Sara is doing a fabulous job with school. She's only in the 3rd grade, but she's reading at around a sixth grade (or higher?) reading level. She is a great listener and is usually the first to remember things when I ask questions about what I've read aloud to all three kids. She loves her Compassion kids that she writes to, Sharon in Columbia and Refalina in India, and she prays for them daily.

Sara loves Jesus, and she has such a tender heart. Sara also loves to sing. She has always sang praise songs to Jesus, and she makes up some of her own, as well as singing some she learns from kids church and CDs. We are going to inquire about voice lessons to see how old she needs to be to start them at FSU. Sara is very excited!

Happy Birthday, Sara! We love you SO much! :)


  1. I think I saw a sign that said that the church that is on Mary Lou Retton Rd. that used to be St. Paul United Methodist(they recently changed their name and I can't remember what their new name is)was giving music lessons and I want to say it said voice lessons too. If the FSU thing doesn't work out, you may want to check into that.


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