The Grumble Jar

There it is, the grumble jar. Can you see the scripture on it?

"Do all things without grumbling or disputing," 

( Philippians 2:14).

I came up with this idea to combat the spate of complaints that were arising from my children daily, including, but not limited to, what was available for breakfast, what chores they had to do in what amount of time, and how much of which subjects they had to do for school that day. I was fed up with all the grumbling, so I decided to charge the kids five cents for each occurrence.

Then I realized that I didn't come up with this idea, it was Holy Spirit inspired.

Shortly after implementing this jar, my dishwasher stopped working. The only thing I like less than a sink full of dirty dishes is washing them by hand (wait, is that a grumble?). Then, after washing dishes a few times a day for a week, the soap dispenser on my sink stopped working. So I had to keep tipping up the bottle of soap while scrubbing, instead of just pumping the dispenser. How annoying, right? (uh, oh...)

Then my printer quit printing. It would pretend to print things, the ink head scrolling back and forth while it spit out papers, but they were blank. (And yes, there was ink in it!)

Next, I went to FGH to get a multiphasic test, which I've done several times, only THIS time I ended up with a huge, painful, purple knot at the stick site. (sigh)

So, in case you are wondering, the grumble jar is a FAMILY grumble jar, and all of us have to pay up for griping.


  1. i see there is a dollar bill in it!! Don't worry, if it was at my house, it would have more than that in it! What a neat idea! If Danielle had more money, I could implement that. It would work well for Troy, as he's saving up for a big game system. Altho for him it would be the "backtalk jar..." oooh, preteens!!


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