Shiny and New

There is nothing that makes you so thankful for your blessings, especially conveniences, than going without those things for a while. After washing dishes by hand for about a month, I now have a new dishwasher.


The printing across the middle is on the protective covering, which we decided to leave in place until we redo the kitchen, to (hopefully) prevent it from being too scratched up during the remodel.

The inside is stainless, and the racks are nylon so they won't rust. There is a silverware holder, but it is being emptied by Sara so it isn't in this picture. It has a neat feature that lets you separate it in half and put the halves back-to-back, or just take half out to save room.

This is a "super silence" model, which is ridiculously quiet. In fact, it has a LED light that shines on the floor when it runs (see next pic), so you know it is still running.


The quietness comes with a price, though (and not just the cost of it). The extra insulation makes the interior space smaller than others, so it takes some patience to learn how to load it. Also, part of the sound-proofing is a solid bottom. Our Whirlpool (boo!), and most dishwashers, are partially open on the bottom, which allows you to slide them in over the water connection. This one is closed and Glen had to re-route the plumbing and the drain lines. The area where the pipes are located is in the top of a closet in his basement wood-working area, so he couldn't solder there (since insulation and fire don't mix well). He had to go to Aultman's and get fittings to reconfigure everything; all told, he spent about five hours working on it.

We both were feeling a little put out after it was installed when we realized how smallish the interior feels. But, after using it for a couple days now, I like it. Because it is smaller, I can't be lazy and let dishes pile up. I must put in the breakfast dishes after breakfast, etc.--and that makes me regularly have a clean kitchen, which is nice!

Glen doesn't like stainless appliances, but he agreed to that finish  (yay!) since he wants stained wood cabinets instead of ivory, and I was afraid stained wood and black appliances would be too dark with hardwood floors.

All's well that ends well. :)


  1. Our dishwasher broke over the summer. It's so hard to adjust to, at first. We actually like doing ours by hand again (reminds us of dating!) The only downside is I just got in the habit of setting my table and now I don't b/c there are less dishes if you just take the food out of the pan!! ha ha!! I do like your dishwasher tho, if we do our appliances sometime, i think we are going that route!!


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