Tipping the Scales?

I finally bought "Unglued," by Lysa TerKeurst, after reading several reviews in my friends' blogs, and hearing some excerpts on KLOVE radio. Although I haven't read far, I highly recommend this book to any woman who feels like a failure because of raw emotions.

I'll admit that I am one who does not like to do the exercises at the end of chapters. I tend to plow through a book, waiting to have a revelation through the writing. I guess that makes me lazy; and partly that is true. I love to do Bible studies, but I hate answering questions like, "What did you think of that?"

Having said that, I'm motivated to do the exercises in this book, mostly because I feel like Lysa "gets" me. I've read other books that I hoped would inspire me to greatness, but the authors seemed to have a pollyanna life compared to mine. I didn't feel like I could trust what they said, since we didn't have similar experiences.

In "Unglued," I found myself nodding my head in agreement with almost everything Lysa said about herself. I feel like I've bonded with her, and I am prepared to do some work.

Because I could use some help in not coming unglued.

And I tend to have raw emotions.

How about you? Do you ever start a day hopeful and end it promising to do better tomorrow? Do you ever lose it with your husband or your kids, and then feel like a failure? If so, I think you'll like this book.

Here's a quote that struck quite a word-picture with me:

"In God's economy, people don't stand on opposing sides of the conflict scale. People stand on one side and Satan stands on the other. When we dump hurt into one another's lives, we aren't leveling the conflict scale. We are just weighing down the people side of the scale and elevating the Satan side of the scale. Satan loves it when we do his work for him by dumping on each other," (page 64).
What a way to visualize Ephesians 6:12. I don't want to tip the scales in favor of the enemy of my soul, so I'm praying for the Holy Spirit to help me take my thoughts captive so I'm less reactive.

I am thankful for the wisdom in this book, and I pray that it blesses everyone who reads it.


  1. i'm reading that book now....it's so good and very much needed in my life! I can't put it down, and i'm highlighting a LOT! :)


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