Christmas Picture Review

We all had a wonderful time this Christmas with Glen off for five days, starting Saturday 12/22. We played games and just generally enjoyed our family time, which comes at a premium since Glen works so much.

Glen's gift theme for me this year was "worst gifts ever." So, he got me footed bunny PJ's (that have a hood with bunny ears, and a tail, and I actually like them. :), a toy sewing machine (which is a nod to the real sewing machine that he got me years ago, that I never used and eventually sold), and a couple of fruitcakes (which I promptly re-wrapped and re-gifted him with).

Judging from his expression, he played along well, don't you think?

Our tree, prior to presents being unwrapped.

Daisy was a little confused, but excited that she got some things, too. The day after Christmas she was hoping would be a repeat...

Since Glen is hard to buy for and usually doesn't like what I get him (ahem), I played it safe and bought him some new jeans.

Iain got a cap gun that he's been wanting, and Glen got him an Airsoft gun set. He's all about guns and hunting this year, so he was bummed that it was pouring down freezing rain the day after Christmas and he couldn't go hunting for Youth Hunting day, as planned.

Kyla enjoys playing Angry Birds on her iPod, so I thought this hat would be nice for her. She likes it. Really, she does.

After being harassed about my mouse pads that are notepads (Kyla hates how the paper edges get curled up), I decided to buy her a regular mouse pad. She was glad.

Sara has one American Girl doll which she named Ame (short for American). She wanted McKenna, so Ame would have someone to play with. I also got her an Our Generation doll and armoire set (from Target), complete with a few sets of clothes and hangers, so Ame has two new friends!

Iain and Sara are only 18 months apart, and together they have gotten into lots of shenanigans, so they have been lovingly dubbed "Monkey 1" and "Monkey 2" for several years now.  When I saw these sock monkey hats, I thought they were perfect for both of them.

My hands and feet always tend to be dry and crackly. Glen got me a paraffin wax bath for Christmas, so I can have a dip whenever I'd like. My hands were softer than a baby's bottom when I was done.

I pray that everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas time with family and friends, and that everyone stays safe and healthy into the new year!