My Christmas Answers

My friends, Jennifer and Lorrie, posted these questions on their blogs, and here are my answers. If you decide to answer these, please link to my blog and let me know, so I can read them.  :-)

1.       Eggnog or hot chocolate?  Eggnog, definitely. In fact, I just made a batch of homemade eggnog that is fat free! I do not like any chocolate that is not cold. I put my candy, and even my brownies, in the fridge or freezer so they'll be cold.

2.       Colored or white lights on tree/house ? White lights on the tree, and two small, white pre-lit trees on either side of the front door.

3.       Do you hang mistletoe? No.
4.       When do you hang your decorations up? The day after Thanksgiving. We store all our Christmas books and music with our tree and decorations all together in one closet, so it's always exciting for the kids when I open the closet and start taking things out.
5.       What is your favorite holiday dessert? Cookies.
6.       Favorite holiday memory as a child? We always had a silver Christmas tree and a color wheel that was a circle divided into eight colored wedges. There was a light behind it, and the wheel would rotate. It sat behind the tree, and each color would change the whole tree. I can remember being in bed and watching the colors as they would shine on the wall in that hallway, feeling like I would burst from anticipation.
7.       Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We usually go to my mom's house and exchange and open gifts there, during Christmas Eve day.
8.       How do you decorate your Christmas tree? We have a variety of ornaments, with lots of red plaid bows. White lights, as I mentioned, but no tinsel. I hate that stuff.

9.       Real tree or fake?   Fake. The first two Christmases that Glen and I were together we had real trees, but after I had Kyla I couldn't tolerate the pine anymore. So we have a fake pine tree.    

10.   What is your favorite tradition?  We didn't have any traditions growing up, so having them now with our kids is so special. We always make cookies to cut out and decorate. On Christmas Eve, we make coconut shrimp for dinner and have tropical smoothies to go with them. Then we watch the Polar Express before bed. We also have Christmas morning traditions (listed below). All of them are special.
11.   What tops your tree?  A gem-crusted star that my husband picked out. It looks like ice crystals, and it reflects the lights and ornaments so it looks multicolored.
12.   Do you prefer giving or receiving? I love both. Gifts are my love language, so I love getting them, but only if they are meaningful. (No utilitarian gifts!) I also struggle to buy for someone, if I don't know what they would like, since I also don't like to give gifts that are not meaningful.
13.   What is your favorite Christmas song? I love Crystal Lewis's Christmas CD, "Holiday!" It's a compilation of classic Christmas songs, very jazzy and light, so it's the perfect CD to put in for background music. For my favorite overall song, it's Carole of the Bells. I wish I could sing to that. 

14.   Candy canes? I do like them because they are festive, but I don't eat them much. Unless they are crunched up in bark or on cookies.

15.   Favorite Christmas movie? Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Favorite Christmas show is "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

16.   Do you have a Christmas morning tradition? After we finish torturing our kids by telling them over and over that it's too early to get up, we all get up and take turns opening presents. Then after they are opened, Glen makes orange scones with fresh whipped cream and raspberries for garnish, for breakfast.
17.   Shop online or at the mall? I loathe mall shopping. I'm an online girl, but I like to shop specialty shops around Christmas, like Rider's and Craft Connection.

18.   What is on your Christmas wish list? I don't make a list. Along with my desire to have meaningful gifts, is my desire to be surprised. I don't like telling someone to buy me something--I want them to know me and get me something meaningful that they pick out.
19.  Snow--Love it or hate it? I love snow around Christmas for the festive feel, but I detest driving in it.

20.  Favorite holiday food? I love homemade bread and rolls. This year I'm making yeast biscuits, which are very yummy.       

21.  When and how did you find out the truth about Santa? I don't remember when or how, but I remember finding out at school and then running home to tell my younger sister (even though my mom said not too).             

22. Favorite Holiday Tradition as a child.  We didn't have any holiday traditions (Mom would put up the tree and decorate while we were at school), but the thing that I looked forward to was watching specials on TV.