New Year's Eve Shopping Fun

My beautiful daughter, Kyla, does NOT like shopping. She only cares about clothes to the point of comfort, so she cares nothing about fashion or being stylish.

Consequently, it occurred to me that I've only done utilitarian shopping for her up to this point. When she needed new pants, shoes, coat, etc., I would go get something that fit and that would be it.

Over the last year, she has grown several inches in height and all of her beloved tee shirts no longer fit (except as pj's), and I just noticed her winter coat was ridiculously short in the arms. So, we went shopping today!

Kyla was not cheering, but she was a good sport.

Here's the new coat she picked out at JCP. I was surprised she chose white, but I think it looks great on her.

Her favorite new tee shirt (which she's wearing) says, "Ninja cat is stalking you."

We did go shopping at the mall, and Old Navy and Gap, as well as Aeropostale, were all having some decent sales. Even so, we got great deals on the same names at Goodwill for even less!

The dark gray shirt  says, "Everything will be amazing."  Kyla asked if that meant her, too.  Of course I said yes. :-) 

Our haul included:
  • 3 tank tops for layering
  • 3 printed short sleeved tee shirts
  • 3 long sleeved tee shirts
  • 3 sweaters
  • 1 hoodie
  • 1 corduroy jacket (the plum one on the left)
  • 1 pair of Gap jeans (marked down from $70 to $23)
  • 1 winter coat from JCP

Grand total spent? $122.33 (including tax)!

Even though we were both wiped out, we had a fun time hanging out and getting snacks and lunch together. Getting the great deals was the icing on the cake.