Can't Get No Satisfaction?

One of the fun and amazing benefits of homeschooling is the things you learn while you study the material you are teaching your children. 

I checked out a great book from our local library (and I may purchase it for our own) called, "The Way We Work -- Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body," by David Macaulay. This is a reference book with great pictures drawn by the author, which break down very small parts -- like the atom -- into (relatively) understandable pieces.

I was struck by some of the language while reading this section about building atoms:

     "Left to their own devices, most kinds of atoms will contain the same number of electrons and protons . . .it is the attraction between positive (protons) and negative (neutrons) charges that holds an atom together.

     "Electrons travel around the nucleus in specific orbits called shells. Each shell can hold only a certain number of electrons, and as each one reaches capacity, a new one is formed . . .

     "When the outermost shell of an atom is full and there are no more electrons to place, that particular atom is said to be stable. This is not usually the case...Most atoms...spend their lives continually seeking fulfillment."  (page 19, emphasis mine)

Here is one of the most basic components of our body, too small to be seen by the naked eye, and if it had its way, it would make sure it was satisfied. Yet it is always seeking to be fulfilled.

If tiny particles in my body are not satisfied, is it any wonder that I struggle to be fulfilled with my life -- what I have, what I eat, who I am?

We will never be content without the indwelling of the Spirit of God, through the saving power of Jesus Christ in our life. As the psalmist says:

"Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth," (Psalm 73:25 NASB).