Nothing But You

"Whom have I in heaven but You?
And besides You, I desire nothing on earth,"
(Psalm 73:25 NASB).

I have nothing but You, Lord.

What an awesome reality to ponder. Nothing -- not my own breath, my husband, my kids, any material possession -- I truly have nothing. All of it is Yours, Lord. Everything is outside the grasp of my control. 

All control that I have is merely what You give me. And yet I cling so tightly, scraping and clawing for what I want, what I think I need.

You own that deep part of me that wants to be filled, the part that I fill up with wrong choices, the part that is never satisfied by food or things or relationships. You own that deep, empty place that always wants and needs more.  More of You.

Because besides You, I desire nothing on earth. I think -- in my own weak, limited mind -- that other things, things of earth, will stop my craving desire and will finally fill me up. But nothing does.

Only You.

As I meditate upon this scripture, I invite You to fill me up. I want to desire You, my Lord,  more than anything else. More than :
  • love from my husband
  • being a great mom
  • feeling important and needed by others
  • being known as a good writer 

I want to seek You first, instead of:
  • coffee
  • getting a jump on my day
  • checking my email
  • picking up anxiety from my to-do list
  • worrying about how clean my house is

Give me the strength to lay it all down and come to You empty, so I can truly be filled.

In Jesus' name,