A Full Day

Iain had his last wrestling tournament of the year today and he placed 4th. He did a superb job of fending off some serious efforts of others to pin him. The tournament was at Grafton High School, and today was the first time I've been back there since my youngest sister graduated in 1992. A lot has changed since then!

Wrestling tournaments can be grueling because of the long wait for competing. Sara kept watching the clock today, because she and her daddy had a date planned.

Tonight is the annual father-daughter banquet at Trinity Assembly of God, sponsored by MPact Girls Ministries. Sara was very giggly because her daddy dressed up in a suit and tie for her.

Being afraid that the wrestling tournament would interfere with us getting back in time for the banquet was the third (yes, 3rd) time I needlessly worried about something this weekend. God is showing me how many times I pray and ask Him for help, and then go right back to fretting. Yet another area where I need restraint.

How about you? Do you struggle with worry? Or do you tend to just surrender things when you pray? I'm honestly asking, because I know some people are able to do that so well. I'd love for you to share any insight you may have!


  1. I'm learning that right now in my current situation, that it is a constant surrender and worry process. As long as I stay in an attitude of prayer and praise, I seem to do better, but as soon as I stop and start "thinking" again, it's back to square one.

  2. Sara looked very pretty at the banquet, and she was all smiles and very happy the whole time. That's one of my favorite parts of MPact...little girls love knowing how special they are to their dad's.

  3. I'm like Tracey in this. I find that if I play praise music, even in the background, my worry seems to be lifted. But other than that, it's a worry and leave it to God, pick it back up, give it back, over and over again. I did find some things I finally did leave at God's feet after many rounds of the pick up game, and He moved mightily in those situations (like when I was single and I did the "I want a husband, I'll wait on You God...I want a husband...I'll wait on You God..." When I FINALLY let it go, God worked on my behalf...but letting it go was hard! Somehow I feel that if I am holding onto it, I have control over it....but ultimately I don't want control of it...I wan't God to have control! Ooh, the way our minds work! Anyways, have a blessed day!!


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