Book Review: "Clouds," by Robin Jones Gunn

"Clouds," by Robin Jones Gunn is book five in the Glenbrooke Series, but you don't need to know any previous information in order to enjoy this book on its own.

This was a wonderful story, and an easy read—it only took me three hours to read it—but it is such a fun read, I stayed up until midnight to finish it!  It is also a safe read—my eight year old romantic/book crazy daughter read it in four hours the next day. 

The storyline is romantic, but not in a sappy way.  Shelly and Jonathan were inseparable as children and neighbors, sharing secret whistle calls and fun times, and their childhood friendship grew into a romantic one as they got into high school. But then they separated, and Shelly moved far away. After moving back home due to a job change, she relives some memories and doesn’t know what to do with them. So she goes to Germany with her sister, and runs into Jonathan!

Want to know how it turns out? Then click here to get a copy, because I certainly can’t give away the ending! 

Thanks to the publisher, Multnomah, for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review (which is what I just wrote!).