Five Minute Friday: Bare

Lisa-Jo Baker
Just writing and not worrying if it's just right...


Bare is so vulnerable. It's hard to be that exposed and open because then you might get hurt. But a wise person once said it is risky to love, and no risk, no reward. But I want to be safe so I hesitate, not wanting to be rejected. That is the wonderful thing about my Lord—my future is a memory to Him because it has already happened from His perspective, so I don't ever have to worry about disappointing Him. So why do I care if I bare myself to Him? Maybe it is because He is so majestic and I want to be wonderful and do the right thing and be the right way. I am so lost, though. Like Isaiah, I am a person of unclean lips and my mouth ruins any attempt I make to bare myself in a careful light. Yet He is always there, always accepting me, always loving me, ever present in the midst of my bareness, not pushing me away or forcing me to go closer. Just wanting me, as I am, no pretense. Just open and willing to be bare in the face of Him who knows everything about me already and does not reject me. Nothing can separate me from Him. Only my unwilling heart. When I keep it locked up behind strong walls, it is covered, but that is not a good covering. The only covering that truly saves me is His love. And that can only fully cover me when I am truly bare.



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  1. I loved this! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. Thank you for your openness here. So true God already knows everything about us and we can share ourselves with Him. Thank you! Blessings.

  3. "the only covering that truly saves me is His love."
    So beautiful and so true. Thank you for your wonderful comment on my post! I HAD to come straight over and "get to know" you a little better!

  4. I am very humbly learning this lesson in life. God knows who we really are and I think He brings things into our lives to expose the BARE us so we can encourage one another.


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