Five Minute Friday: Beloved

It's Friday, so I'm writing for the love of it, not worrying about mechanics, just writing from the heart for five minutes flat.

This week's topic is "beloved."


Staring at the picture of my beloved father, gone now almost four years, my heart aches. It aches for what we had, but also for what we could have had, if I hadn't wasted so much time being angry for things that hurt me because I didn't understand. Love makes us do things that hurt sometimes, and I let that hurt go deep and treasured bitterness and now my treasure chest seems so worthless.

Daddy dear, so wounded from life himself, trying to raise three daughters he wasn't sure he deserved, made lots of mistakes along the way. But so did I. Only I didn't see them so clearly because my eyes were blinded by the scales of my unforgiveness.

Even though I, too, became a parent before Daddy died, I didn't grow up until he was gone and I had to face the wasted years. I gave him a journal to write in, hoping he would tell me things I wanted to hear, tell me everything was okay and that I was wonderful. Just one and a half pages are all he could write.


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Five Minute Friday


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I have had to learn to let go of the past and appreciate the good things. choose to remember what was right with your world. Focus on those things that touch your heart and let the bitterness go. I have been able to find my peace and hope that you can find yours as well.


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