Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

Yes, I know it's Monday, but the topic for Friday was not an easy one for me to write about, so I spent some time ruminating over it during my full weekend..

So, I now write for (an unrehearsed) five minutes on Monday about the Five Minute Friday topic:

What Mama Did

 (Lori on left, Mom, and me on right).


My mama tried.

She may not have done things perfectly (as no one does this side of heaven) but she kept trying. I just realized, thinking this weekend, that she's a first generation Christian in her family. Her grandmother was involved in all sorts of unmentionable things, including superstitions and occult practices. Her mother and father were both alcoholics who would take my young mom and her brothers to the bar and leave them all in the car to sleep. Mom remembers waking up to go inside to her bed, after they came out of the bar and drove home. And sometimes her dad would beat everyone and she would hide under her bed.

My mom was not always a kind mom, but she tried to do kind things.

Like the time we didn't have hot water (for some reason) and she heated water by the potful so I could wash my hair before I went to high school. Because the world would have ended if I didn't get to feather my hair that day.

And sometimes she would heat up glazed donuts in the oven for us to eat on the mornings when it was cold outside. They would be warm and a little chewy, but they were good.

It wasn't easy raising three girls without a good example to follow, but she tried. She failed many times. But she kept trying.

Now that I'm a mama, and I love the Lord desperately, I can thank my mom for that gift. Because she did teach us that Jesus is our Savior and there is no other who will always be there for us when we call.

So I think the fruit of her trying was good.


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  1. This is beautiful...I love the first line. She tried.

    I feel like this is really honoring to your mom, and the fruit is wonderful resolution.

    Thanks for sharing=)

    1. Thanks for that comment, Kristi. That was my heart, to honor my mom in what I wrote.

  2. that touched my heart selena. Thanks for posting this. :)


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