No Sugar Challenge

baking,fotolia,granulated,ingredients,spoons,sugars Okay, this is a big thing for me. Not so much because I consume tons of sugar, but because my flesh is so bound and determined to say yes when I say no, that fasting from ANY thing is a challenge for me. I usually begin feeling deprived, and then I tell myself that legalism is wrong and that I can eat whatever I want, in moderation. Only I don't moderate.

It isn't everything sweet that temps me, though. Most of what I go for is sensual, such as soft, chewy cookies. Or pastries. Or cold chocolate. Or stinging cinnamon hardtack. (Did you know that Jolly Rancher fire candy has 70 calories per 3 pieces??? I was eating 10 or so at a time while reading! Yikes!)

Sugar, even honey, can disrupt your immune system. And it has similar effects on the body as street drugs, like cocaine, which shows it is addictive.  For an interesting article (that includes a video link about a sugar study done by 60 minutes), go here.

I personally have felt the ups and downs of consuming sugar. I always want something sweet to eat in the morning, but I feel better if I keep it naturally sweet (like cooked oats with blueberries) instead of a Pop Tart or an apple turnover, or a cream cheese muffin, or pancakes drowned in maple syrup or . . . whoa, I digress (and I had a dreamy look on my face that you couldn't see...).

Okay, as I was "saying," I am giving up refined and added sugar, God help me. (I really am praying for that, because I'm going to need help.)

I want to scream, because I do put a couple teaspoons tablespoon of brown sugar on my oats and blueberries, and when I have forgotten to do this I have not liked it as much. But, I do know that my palate has been desensitized to the level of sweetness, and that some people say things are way too sweet, choking on a bite or so (seriously?), when I've already scarfed them down and am going for seconds.

And don't EVEN get me started on how I like my coffee. I don't like it! Unless it is highly populated with sugary creamers and more sugar or chemical-like sugar substitutes. My coffee is syrup-like when I'm done, and I LIKE it that way. So, I also need to stop staying up late so my need for caffeine is reduced. :)

One of the big motivators for my doing this is my brain is in a fog. A real fog. I started my car last month during a cold snap, just to let it warm up so the battery wouldn't die, and I forgot it was running! I even forgot why I set the timer when it went off! And just this week, I handed my phone to my husband and said it was broken and wouldn't turn on. I had tried numerous times, and also plugged it into the charger (it was fully charged), but I couldn't get it on. He fiddles with it a second and on it comes!

"How did you do that?" I shrieked.

"Um, I just pushed power."

I had been pushing the send button! I forgot how to turn on my phone! What??? I'm not saying sugar is completely the problem (lack of restful sleep is partly to blame), but I'm hoping fasting from sugar helps me to think more clearly and have more sustained energy.

Speaking of sleep, it's after 11:00, so I'm going to bed.

If you are interested in doing this with me, and The Happy Housewife, please let me know how it goes!