Snow Much Fun...

We haven't had a good snowman snow in a while, so I went out with the kids the other day to help them make some . . . and this is an obvious study in the differences between girls and boys. :-)  

Iain's snowman (with Daisy's dog butt by his ear).

Mom's snowman (posing with Sara).

Sara's snowman (note the tiny nose, which matches hers). We eat baby carrots, so we were lacking a large snowman nose.

I also ran out in the snow to Tuscan Sun Spa last Sunday. My hair was getting furry on the ends, so I was overdue for a cut. I was a little nervous about how much she was layering it, but I love it now!

Here's hoping we have the mid 40's temps that are forecast for tomorrow. I'm itching for it to be spring!

Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, for different reasons -- one being that the temperature is usually more mild.

How about you? What season(s) do you like best?


  1. Your haircut is beautiful! I love the layers! I am once again in ponytail bondage, I'm long overdue for a cut! LOL! For my favorite season...I'd say Summer. I love how laid back it is. Cookouts, just seems relaxing. Of course I love all of the different seasons for different reasons too, but if I had to choose, it would be summer. :)


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