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Lisa-Jo Baker

It's Friday once again, and I'm joining with others at Lisa Jo's site because I love to write; writing just to write, not worrying whether it's right . . .

Today's topic is:     Home

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Home is where the heart is, so goes the popular expression. And that is what makes a home a home—whether it's a big house or a little hut, it's the heart that's in it. Whether the heart is warm and loving, or cold and distant, it's still home because it's what we know.

Home is where we are real, where the masks come off and we do whatever our flesh wants to do, because we feel safe enough to let go. Or it's where we hide the most because we don't feel safe. Home is an amazing place that way; but it's still home because it's what we know.

The real challenge is allowing God to remake our ideal of home. We strive and stress, trying to make our home a restful, peaceful haven for us and all who enter; but often peace is so far away from the whole busyness of trying to cultivate it.

As a friend recently mentioned, peace isn't something we strive for, it's something God gave us, a gift. And that is what He wants us to do. Stop beating ourselves up because we aren't doing it right, not saying the right things, not being the right mom or dad or kid, and just rest in His peace.

I think that is really home, being in the peaceful arms of the One who loves us whether our hair or our kitchen is messy. He doesn't look at the surroundings. He wants to be the surroundings, to blanket us in peace. The peace that comes from inviting Him to be at home in our heart.


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  1. "Home is where we are real ... because we feel safe enough to let go." <-- This is such an important part of home, isn't it? Good five minutes!

  2. I appreciate how you suggest that although we strive to make it good, God desires to gives us so much more. Peace in our homes, not from striving, but from resting! Thank you.


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