Five Minute Friday: Rest

It's that time again. Actually, yesterday was Friday, but anyway...writing just for the love of writing. Five minutes, writing not worrying if it's right, for the sake of words on the page screen.

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When someone says the word "rest" it usually conjures up images of snuggling in a cozy bed, getting some slumber to refresh your body. Or maybe it's resting your mind, which rarely happens for me. Rest for your soul? That is only found in Jesus.

But, what about what Paul Harvey always said, the rest of the story?

I spend so much time being anxious over things to do, things not done, what tomorrow holds—doing exactly the opposite of what the lover of my soul, the keeper of tomorrows tells me to do. He alone knows the rest of my story, down to my very last breath—so why do I waste so much time giving up peace and rest, worrying about the rest my life?

Maybe it's because I don't really trust Him. Or maybe I don't feel like I should rest, because I never feel like I've done enough. Or maybe I haven't done enough, so the rest won't come; and that leaves my mind twisted with thoughts of tomorrow, and all that is yet to be, all the unknowns, and I can't let go of what the rest of my story might hold.

Or maybe it's because no matter how much I believe that God knows and sees and is fully in control of all things, I have trouble relaxing. Maybe I feel that if I really rest, really relax, things won't go well—like somehow my tension is required to keep a proper balance.

But all that does is steal any peace that is for today. Looking ahead is not the way to rest. Jesus is The Way.


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  1. Good reminder! Sometimes I look ahead to try and control the situations I face thinking that by doing so I will rest...but really, it's a lie. I don't rest bc I'm worried about the situations! Freedom is truly giving everything all over to God and resting in Him! So I'll join you in kicking up my feet and (trying) to rest today!!! :)

  2. What a freeing feeling, thinking that looking forward isn't the way. Visiting from FMF.

    Have a restful weekend,

  3. Always looking forward. I am impatient and want to know how the story ends. I always want the rest of the story. Not a very restful way to live.


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