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I have been thinking about marriages, and how so many are failing. The divorce rate is so high, even among those who claim to know Jesus. Why?

I think the “after” part is the problem.

Two people meet and grow to love each other (I say “grow to love” instead of “fall in love” because that’s also part of the problem—the first is about making a choice (which takes effort), and the second is about losing control). And next comes thoughts of marriage.

Once the question is popped, then a shift happens. It’s the wedding shift. (Sounds like some kind of dance you do at the reception, doesn’t it?) That is where the focus shifts to planning the wedding and getting it just “right” without becoming bankrupt in the process.

Then the day comes, and the two get married. And so many people act like that’s the fairy tale ending…but it’s really just the beginning!

It’s supposed to a long haul, this being married. And it isn’t nearly as pretty and organized as a wedding often is.

But that is how life is, isn’t it?

And the “after” can be such a letdown to many people because when the messy, everyday things of life start to get in the way, and bitterness takes the place of kindness, then after can be the beginning of the end.

But since Jesus is the beginning and the end, the end doesn’t mean death anymore.

God can always put the pieces back together after they come apart.


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  1. Thanks so much for reading my post and leaving a thoughtful comment! It means a great deal to me!

    I think our culture has just become so "me-centered" and when the marriage ceases to fit "my needs" we just ... bail! We are refusing to bail ... largely because I put my foot down and said it wasn't an option. His heart isn't entirely in it but I am trying to leave that in God's hands and wait patiently for the next "after."


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