Five MInute Friday: Friend

Wow! I'm doing Five Minute Friday on an actual Friday! Yay, me!

Today I'm joining the others who like to write, and we do it for five minutes without worrying about whether anyone thinks it is right. We just write to write, and that's a good thing!

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Today's prompt is:  Friend


You were my friend for a very long time. At least I thought you were.

But now you've decided that you are offended with me, for something that is too petty to mention and you are embarassed that you are upset over it  (your words) but apparently it is big enough for you to walk away from a 30+ yr friendship. (Or that's what I thought it was.)

I think back over the times we've had together, and how our friendship has waxed and waned. I know why it happened, so many times before. But I don't know why now. And you won't tell me. (Except to say that you are offended.)

When you trusted in Christ, I always thought we'd be friends, sisters in Him. I didn't see this coming.

You've hurt me many times, and I have forgiven without saying anything to you about the hurt. I expected the same from you.

But I was wrong.

I think the real reason this bothers me is I don't know why. God does, though. And I know He is in this.

I've asked you to forgive me many times (but for what?), without any response from you.

I realize that the only person I can control is me, and I refuse to feel guilty for something when I don't even know what I've done.

So, go with God, friend. I wish you well.

This is me, letting go.


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  1. You must be hurting right now, and for that, I am truly sorry. It's always very hard when we lose a friend. And a friend you've had for so long too...

    May God stay with you in this difficult moment. And hopefully, if it's his will, he will bring her back. (((HUGS)))

  2. This is hard. I know, I have been there too. It is hard to leave it in God's hands, but it is the best thing. Only He can restore, and only He can heal our hearts. I'm sorry that you had to go through this too. Love and hugs. :)


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