Randomness {with pictures}

Here lies Daisy, resting on our outside pillows that are inside today since it keeps showering off and on.

After having a long break, we had another scary Daisy episode on Saturday morning. When I let her out of her basement crate, she could hardly walk up the stairs, and then she kept having trouble standing up. She will be just two years old in December, so it's a little early for ol' arty to be setting in. She's fine now, thankfully. :)

(Click pictures to enlarge)

Here's my junk store find from the weekend. I think they're adorable as is, but the seats can be covered and most anything can be painted (although I hate to paint). I thought I might paint the metal parts black and then cover the seats with some red French toile fabric. Or maybe I'll just leave them as is.

Here are the other two sitting at the counter bar. Don't they look nice? (I will be SO happy when we get rid of that hangy-down cabinet section so the kitchen will be opener!) (And yes, that is appropriate grammar when describing stupid kitchen configurations.)

I tried to find this creature in our field guide, and I think it is a Snowberry Clearwing moth. I'm not positive, because the wings aren't exactly the same. All sorts of flying bugs are clinging to things around our house because it's too chilly for them to fly around.

Iain is stabbing a pommelo, a new fruit we tried.


It tastes a little like a grapefruit, only not as juicy. The rind is very thick, too. Better to stick with grapefruit, since that is cheaper.

Iain does a good job eating apples, don't you think? I cannot complain that he wastes them, that's for sure.

Sara is modeling a fox stole that belonged to my mammaw (Dad's mom). In fact, she would wear two or three at a time, which my mother told me was a status symbol back in the day. The thing creeped me out, and Daisy was interested in it (see her nose in the bottom of the picture?), so . . .

I decided to let Daisy have it. She had a blast destroying it.

Definitely had to vacuum after that.

That's all the pictures I have for now. Today, we are busy today finishing up science fair projects. What are you up to?