Why Do I Homeschool? {Homeschool Blog Hop}


I think this sums up my reason for why I homeschool:

"Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it," (Proverbs 22:6 NASB).

I know that many parents send their children to public school, and I do not condemn them. I also know that, should my husband become incapacitated or die, I may have to get a job and then my kids would be in public school. I used to view my choice as this (homeschool) vs. that (public school). But God showed me I was a Pharisee.

When you teach your kids at home, you do have much freedom. This freedom is wonderful, as it enables you to teach your children that God is the center from whom all things flow—including math, science, art, literature, etc. He is the One who gives us wisdom and knowledge. He is the Creator of all and the Holder of our paths.

Having the responsibility for every aspect of your child's development—physical, mental, emotional, relational and academical (I wanted them all to end in "al")—is a heavy one. And, you can fall under the weight of it, if you are not spending time being fed by the Word and in fellowship with your Father.

How did I get started? Many of my friends were homeschooling, and I asked them lots of questions. Then I prayed, and I dove in head first. I figured, this will be great! I've already helped my child to learn to recognize colors, shapes, letters and numbers, and to care for herself, and after potty-training lessons this homeschooling stuff has to be easier!

Of course, I've learned  much over the seven years I've been doing this, and I'm still learning. That's part of the beauty of teaching your children at home, you learn along with them. And not just academics. God teaches you many things, like patience and grace and mercy and long-suffering. :-)

Some days you’ll spend more time on your face than upright. The fact that homeschooling makes you seek the Father more is one of the greatest benefits of it, in my opinion.

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