Book Review: "I'm No Angel," by Kylie Bisutti

If you are a woman, you can identify with feeling insecure about how you look.

You have probably looked at a fashion magazine and wished you could look like one of the models.

And you may have seen the huge posters of models in the Victoria's Secret stores in the mall and felt compelled to buy some of their lingerie, hoping to at least feel like you looked like them.

If you are a man, you have probably looked at a model's picture and thought about how sexy she was, and wished for the woman in your life to be thinner and sexier. Maybe you went to a Victoria's Secret store and bought her a little something to help her along that line.

But the image that modeling creates is a lie. It says women are not pretty or sexy unless they are super thin, yet curvy. And it sets up women for failure when they compare themselves to an image that isn't based in reality.

Kylie Bisutti, the author of "I'm No Angel," knows about the modeling lies.

She has seen the eating disorders and the extreme measures that women will go to, in order to fit into the "perfect size" mold—such as having hip bones surgically shaved down to be smaller.

In her book, Kylie tells of her modeling journey to being a Victoria's Secret Angel, and how the Lord convicted her about the role model she was to other women. This is a great insider's story that helps to expose the way models are treated as objects to display the goods that they are modeling.

It is far from pretty.

You can get a copy by clicking here.

Watch Kylie speak from her heart: