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Five Minute Friday is that time when we write for five minutes without worrying about how to do it. We just write for the love of words on paper (or screen), and tell our inner editor to go take a powder.

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I get so caught up in the doing that I forget that we are created to "be." And in the doing, I lose my being, that "who I am" and "who others are" and then my point of view gets skewed.

When that happens, it seems like everything speeds up, like a movie on fast-forward, and I'm struggling just to juggle my way through the days.

No wonder I go to bed exhausted!

So I am praying for God to help me to see things from His point of view. And that requires me to look up so I can see His face.

When I am only looking at what surrounds me, I feel overwhelmed.

And it seems that when I am not looking at my surroundings (and all that needs to be done,which makes my chest feel all this weight of the cares of this world), then I am looking ahead. And that makes me feel fearful because I can't see tomorrow clearly with today's grace. I only have grace for the moment I'm in, and that won't work well for the things of tomorrow.

No wonder I feel stressed!

When I look through Your eyes, I can slow down. The race we are running isn't the kind run with human legs that wear out. It's run with strength that kicks in when we fall down. And when we are weak, that is when you are strong.

But I can't see the need, if I'm always looking at things through my eyes. Give me Your eyes, Lord.

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  1. Selena, I resonate so much with this being/doing challenge, the worry, fear and exhaustion that come with trying to do things in my own strength. Particularly this line struck me today: "When I look through Your eyes, I can slow down." Isn't that a holy miracle? Happy to have met you through FMF this morning.

  2. Great post, Selena. Beautiful words. How quickly we forget to slow down. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for reading my FMF post.


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